Two Australians teach English phonetics and accent at NOLITC

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 09:34 Written by NOLITC Administrator Monday, 26 October 2015 12:00

Two Australian Volunteer Teachers at NOLITC

Two retired Australian professors taught English phonetics and accent to students of the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center, recently, in Bacolod City.

James Ward and Sean Ryan, both retired ESL teachers in Australia, volunteered to teach Australian English at NOLITC for two weeks, as part of the Australian Teaching English Program initiated by Philippine Consul General Januario Rivas of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia.

This is the second year Ward taught at NOLITC while Ryan did it for the first time. They trained twenty ELP students of NOLITC on Australian English phonetics and accent, in partnership with NOLITC teachers, Larry Franco and Meimei Lonasco.

Ward said he enjoyed teaching at NOLITC because this is one way that he can make a positive impact to the world, especially to the Philippines. “We will continue doing the volunteer work at NOLITC next year and we will bring in more volunteer teachers from Australia”, he added.

Dr. Ma. Cristina Orbecido, Vocational School Administrator of NOLITC, said this volunteer teaching program is a big help to NOLITC because it allows students to learn the English language through the help of a native speaker and help them gain deeper understanding of cross-cultural issues and traditions.