From jeepney barker to BPO supervisor

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From Jeepney Barker to BPO Supervisor

“I was born poor, worst I’m a person with disability. I live in a squatters area, my father is a jeepney driver and I have five siblings. This is my journey”.

Mark Escora, 25 years old, recounted his journey before he availed of the Training for Work Scholarship Program of the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center in partnership with TESDA.

“Growing up was a challenge for me, I experienced a lot of social discrimination because of my being handicapped “kay piang ko”, kay may polio ko”…I was bullied by my classmates and friends”, he said.

Because of poverty, Mark started working at the age of 12. He worked in a computer shop as an attendant to help his parents provide for the needs of my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, after a year the computer shop closed and he ended up jobless.

“My disability did not hinder me from doing all sorts of jobs. I needed education to be successful in life, so I did everything to finish high school. I did a lot of odd jobs, like being a “barker” in the side streets for seven years, just to earn money for my family and to help my parents support my other siblings in their education, Escora added.

Despite all the challenges that he has been through Mark never stop dreaming, cause he believes that someday he will achieve his goals and live a decent life.”

“Being a high school graduate, it’s really hard for me to get a decent job. One day, I heard about TESDA’s training program for call center agents. I did an online application at Panasiatic Solutions and I got a call from a call center agent asking about my educational attainment. I told him that I’m just a high school graduate so he advised me to avail of the training program of TESDA in partnership with the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center”, he recalled.
He then went to NOLITC at Paglaum Sports Complex, Bacolod City where he was given an assessment and eventually he passed.

At NOLITC, Escora was given the opportunity to empower myself, to have self confidence and to learn the necessary skills to get a job in a BPO company.

After completing the 100 hours Finishing Course for Call Center Agents Training, in November 2012, he was hired at Panasiatic Call Center Incorporated, as a call center agent.

After a year, Escora was promoted as Escalation Supervisor in the said BPO company.

Mark thanked the provincial government through NOLITC and TESDA, “for giving me hope and for giving equal opportunity for persons with disabilities, like me, to be empowered, to get a stable job, and help my family and of course build a career in the BPO industry”.