Small but terrible

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There are a lot of disadvantages for persons who are vertically challenged.  It is oftentimes impossible to become successful, but Leah Delgado, a call center agent, is short but triumphant.

They call her “small but terrible”.  Leah Delgado was born with disability called “dwarfism”.  She is 28 years old and stands 3 feet tall.

Despite being short, Leah never gave up.  She is an achiever and she compensated her being small with extra huge amounts of genius, energy and dreams.

She finished her college education with flying colors in La Consolacion College- Isabela, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as cum laude.

But these laurels did not allow her to land a job after graduation.  Her lack of self-confidence and timidity hindered her from getting a job.

Inspired by the success story of Mark Joseph Escora, she went to the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology to avail the Negros First Training for Work Scholarship Program.

She passed the pre-assessment process and was qualified as NOLITC scholar.  She underwent the 100-hour call center training.  After the training, she was hired by Convergys as Customer Support Specialist.

“I’m really thankful to the provincial government, to Governor Alfredo Maranon Jr. for giving me an opportunity to train at NOLITC and land a job in Convergys.”  After being employed for a couple of months, I have already started the construction of our house that was destroyed by the recent typhoon”.

Leah Delgado urged other PWDs to believe in themselves and follow her path to success.

She may lack inches in height, but it was compensated by her extraordinary faith and willpower.